UK manufacturer and supplier of quality copper terminals, busbars, earth bars, coils, heat sinks and braids to the electrical industry

Why use LML Products

Our Expertise

Over 50 years' experience manufacturing high-quality electrical components for blue-chip customers in Railway, Utility, Military and Industrial engineering

Your Applications

Electrical power conduction, conversion & control.

Your Requirements

High current (typically 10A-10kA) cables, connectors and components.

We Offer

A comprehensive range of Cable Lugs are available on a NEXT DAY DELIVERY service
- BESPOKE SPECIALS manufactured to your specification
Products are MANUFACTURED HERE IN THE UK using optimum-purity mill produced copper
- We welcome enquiries for ANY QUANTITY
IN-HOUSE ELECTROPLATING - Bright Tin, Bright Nickel and Silver
REDUCED LEAD TIMES compared to other suppliers
- Substantial TECHNICAL & DESIGN SUPPORT readily available
Quality management system to ISO 9001:2015

LML Products, our UK manufacturing operations have been supplying critical electrical components, home & abroad, since 1968. With a broad and expanding range of ISO 9001 manufacturing & finishing processes we are here to provide quality and reliability. Extensive experience, in-house research and testing plus extensive use of computer-aided design and thermal modelling enable us to help you with valuable advice on design and applications.

LML's commitment to manufacturing is entirely based on customers need for quality and reliability in critical electrical components.

We can help you design an optimum combination of functional performance and manufacturing cost to suit applications or simply produce your established designs with maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

Our total commitment and a wealth of experience we are here to help you provide your customers with reliable components, equipment and installations.

Our award-winning multi-kA precision injectors, laboratory and portable test facilities, plus detailed computer modelling and numerical analysis, enable us to ensure that your designs and components are not just fit for purpose but optimized for their intended application.

LML Manufactures Copper tube terminals, spliced connectors for cable installations, heavy-duty busbars, custom-designed copper bar work, blow out coils, high-frequency interconnections and laminates for power electronics, precision components for custom applications and O.E.M. products.

We are a true British Manufacturing company.

LML is an Achilles approved supplier.