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    Expertise & Experience

    Providing Electrical Solutions

    Bespoke electrical power connectors and components for industry and science

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    Facilities & Quality Standards

    Driving Production Performance

    Price quality and delivery, optimized and scheduled from prototype to production

    Why Choose LML?

    LML Manufactures Copper tube terminals, spliced connectors for cable installations, heavy-duty busbars, custom-designed copper bar work

    UK Manufacturer
    50+ Years Experience
    Specialised High-Current Testing
    Next Day Delivery
    Reduced Lead Times
    In-house plating
    Technical & Design Support

    Custom Quality Electrical Components Production

    Trust LML to support you with proactive design, precision manufacturing, tailored finishing, testing and after-sales care.

    Product design
    We’ll either create custom components to your brief, or help you develop a tailored solution for your application
    Comprehensive capabilities for the fabrication and assembly of connectors and components. Standardised ranges of cable terminations and busbars. Multi-kA DC Injection Testing.
    Quality Management to ISO 9001 assures premium materials, suppliers, manufacturing and testing.
    Reliable components every time, delivered on schedule and backed by expert service.

    Proud to have partnered.

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    LML Products is the most trusted supplier of busbar, cable, connector & earth bar in the UK. We’re ready to talk about your project.

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