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Parkinson Harness Technology

To supply a high-quality, reliable source for copper tube terminations


Brief: To supply a high-quality, reliable source for copper tube terminations

Established in 1975, operating out of a 2,500-sqm custom-built facility in Boston, Lincolnshire, and employing over 160 dedicated staff, Parkinson Harness Technology manufactures bespoke electrical solutions including wiring harnesses, control panels, battery/power leads, PCBs and control systems.

One of Parkinson Harness Technology’s key roles is supplying heavy plant manufacturers like Caterpillar with products that will ultimately be used in the yellow goods industry. But the company is also an established partner to firms in sectors like automotive, agriculture, municipal, lighting, catering and medical.

With each industry throwing up markedly different projects and challenges, Parkinson requires premium electrical components that are consistently manufactured, tailored to the application and delivered at pace to keep schedules on track and to budget.

As such, when Parkinson’s engineers needed a high-quality, reliable source for their copper tube terminations, they chose LML Products ahead of the competition. With our wide experience in the heavy plant sector, the team understands the heavy-duty demands placed on electrical componentry, and designs products to deliver in this specialist environment.

Parkinson’s decision-makers also knew they could rely on LML Products’ advanced in-house manufacturing processes – which span from CNC and waterjet machining to fibre-laser and electroplating – to ensure each component was not just fit for purpose but tailored to the application.

Just as important, LML Products was able to offer Parkinson a friendly service, flexible approach and rapid turnaround of products from our workshop in Wiltshire, beating the lead times of our competitors and ensuring that the project could progress without delays.



The Project

At LML Products, we treat every client as an individual and each application as a fresh challenge. Here’s how our team took on the project from Parkinson Harness Technology.

Cable to cut to relevant length & trimmed using gauge.

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“LML are wonderful, fantastic, love them.”


Emma King
Purchasing Manager Parkinson at Harness Technology

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