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Bespoke copper busbar manufacturers for the power electronics sector

Specialists in the design, manufacture & supply of bespoke copper busbar solutions for five decades

Power Distribution

Since Dr Arthur Langridge founded LML in 1968 to supply the emergent power electronics industry, we have become the most dynamic copper busbar manufacturers in the UK, with forward-thinking solutions for every application.

Helping the UK’s leading firms unlock the full potential of power electronics, LML’s custom copper busbar solutions set the industry standard. We use only the highest quality mill-produced copper and ensure optimal precision and performance with advanced in-house processes that include CNC, waterjet machining, fibre-laser, powerful press-forming and edge-bending.


Custom component design & production

For power electronics and beyond, trust LML to support you with proactive design, precision manufacturing, tailored finishing and aftersales care

Product Design
Far more than copper busbar suppliers, trust LML to create custom components to your precise specifications
Advanced in-house machining includes CNC, waterjet, fibre-laser and multi-kA precision injectors, plus electroplating service
Complete range of ISO 9001 processes for consistent production of copper busbar solutions & more
Trusted UK busbar manufacturers, delivering faster than the competition & backed by expert aftersales advice
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LML Products are the UK’s most trusted copper busbar suppliers. We’re ready to talk about your project.

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